Manny Brian Arnett: IBM’s Internet Stalker

King of the Internet Douche Bags

Manny Brian Arnett – King of the Internet Douche Bags

I’m not sure how many of you have experienced it, but I can tell you from seven years of first-hand experience that it’s pretty creepy to be stalked and harassed on the Internet. It’s particularly creepy when your stalker is an IBM employee. IBM employees have access to IBM’s worldwide communications network and they can use it to stalk and harass you on five continents. IBM even pays them while they do it.

If you’re reading this, you know that Manny Brian Arnett, of Lexington, Kentucky, has made it his obsession to stalk and harass me on the Internet. Since Manny has harassed me non-stop for over seven years, I wanted to take a moment to make sure Manny is properly acknowledged for being this type of obnoxious creep, and also to let everyone get a good look at him. After all, if Manny is going to beg for help and support on the Internet, it’s only right for people to see whom they’re following and supporting.

So here he is. Take a good look at Manny Brian Arnett, a classic Internet weasel from Lexington, Kentucky. Manny is a thorough and consummate dick who long ago lost touch with reality. Make sure and pass this on. Share it with your friends. This guy craves attention, and it’s important to help him get the attention he deserves.

Manny has blazed new trails in the field of Internet stalking and harassment. I believe he is the first person to marshal the resources and communications network of a world-wide corporation in support of an Internet stalking and harassment campaign. For the past seven years, he has consistently and repeatedly demonstrated how the Internet, and IBM’s world-wide communications network, can best be used as a tool of stalking, harassment, and fraud.

Manny has done more than anyone to illustrate an aspect of the Internet that does not get enough attention. The Internet is a tool of mass communication that’s in the hands of any irresponsible douche bag who can figure out how to point and click. Of course, when you put something that powerful into the hands of everyone, you will eventually see all kinds of criminal activity, including the occasional suicides and murders that result because weasels like Manny aren’t capable of handling this power. The people that instigate those murders and suicides are people who use the Internet as Manny does: to humiliate, to harass, to libel, to lie, to defraud, to destroy.

I think Manny’s obsession provides an excellent opportunity to bring more attention to this aspect of the Internet. The Internet has reached the stage in its development where it is important to establish an effective poster boy for Internet stalkers, harassers, and frauds, and I believe Manny is ideal for this position. We need someone who personifies this kind of Internet usage, someone who can reign with complete credibility as the King of the Internet Douche Bags.

For this position, I elect Manny Brian Arnett of Lexington, Kentucky, one of the preeminent Internet douche bags of our day. It’s important that we have a face to put on the endless stream of cowardly, harassing, criminal, and weasel-like behavior that occurs routinely on the Internet. And after seven years of continuous stalking and harassment, who better personifies this behavior than Manny Brian Arnett? Who better personifies what happens when you place a tool of mass communication in the hands of a complete and utter dick who has lost touch with reality.

Take a good look at Manny’s sad face. Now imagine tears streaming from those sad eyes (as they were when I last saw Manny) as reality becomes too much for Manny to bear. Think of Manny crying and wallowing in self pity as he begs for the love and support he so desperately needs because he is unable to accept the consequences of his own irresponsible behavior. Think of Manny, a man so ridiculous that his personal issues compel him to spend seven years creating a fantasy person on the Internet toward whom he must inspire hatred to soothe his wounded and pathetic ego. Understand that Manny has consciously chosen to live his life as a pusillanimous wussy; that he is the kind of wussy who cries like a little school girl when things don’t go his way and who is unable to fight his own battles one-on-one and so must use the Internet in the most cowardly fashion to lie and manipulate others to fight his battles for him. Then contemplate the candidates who might best serve as the poster boy for Internet stalkers and harassers and ask yourself this question:

Who has earned this honor more than that egotistical, self-pitying douche bag, Manny Brian Arnett?

With the year 2012 upon us, the time has come to give Manny the attention he has so insistently craves. The time is at hand to lay the crown atop the swollen, self-pitying, egotistical head of Manny Brian Arnett, and crown him as the King of the Internet Douche Bags. The time is now for Manny to begin performing his primary duty and to fulfill his destiny to serve as the figurehead, the poster child for Internet stalkers, harassers, and frauds the world over.

You can participate. Manny has struck a thousand blows for stalking, harassment, and fraud, but you can strike a blow for reality. Share this post with your friends so that together we can all celebrate and properly hail the new icon, Manny Brian Arnett, the King of the Internet Douche Bags.